7:00PM EST / 4:00PM PST

5 Must Do RADICAL Shifts to Walk That Talk


In this content rich session, you’ll discover:

  • How to take your knowledge, capabilities and skills - and actually execute.

  • How to get unstuck, manage overwhelm and take action on your goals with confidence.

  • How to overcome obstacles that prevent your own RADICAL revolution.

  • The #1 secret of people who make power moves and achieve their goals.

This training is for you if you are ready to:

  • Create something more or something different to catapult you to reaching your goals.

  • Discover a new sense of confidence, passion and purpose for who you are what you do.

  • Infuse yourself with the RIGHT tools, the RIGHT information and the RIGHT strategies to take charge of every area of your life.

This session is content rich and filled with relevant, practical and implementable strategies that you can take action on immediately. You'll leave with your own personal strategy to make power moves and step into your success.


Doreen Rainey

RADICAL Success Coach


Tuesday, April 24, 2018


7:00pm EST / 4:00pm PST

As Founder and CEO of the RADICAL Success Institute and Vice President, Operations, Act Like A Success | A Steve Harvey Company, I'm driven by a singular vision: to help people define success for themselves and get the guts to go after it.

I'll teach proven strategies to help you set authentic goals, create a customized action plan, stay focused on your priorities and overcome the fears and barriers that hold you back.